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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blurb of the Week                                                                                                            

So I was hanging out on my lunch break reading oregonlive, which I love and came across the odds and ends section; it was hilarious and reminded me of a familiar story. The entire article is about comical food related crimes, check it out. These stories took me back about five years ago, living in Ashland, Oregon. I went out to breakfast with a good friend of mine, where he got a giant stack of pancakes. He had some leftover, so we decided instead of wasting the food, we would take them to go and find someone who needed a meal. We were walking around town, attempting to find a hungry person, and decided to cross the street. In Ashland, pedestrians rule, so when it comes to cross walks, all must yield to those on foot. Well, this car that day did not abide by the rule, and decided to drive while my friend was crossing. I turned to watch him being pushed by this car, both yelling, and pancakes falling to the ground. The driver of the car decided to scream at us, obviously blaming us for incident, so silly. Well my buddy decided to pick up the pancake from the ground and chuck it at the car. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Apparently, he wasn’t the only one to use food as an aggressive tool. Let me know if you have ever been a victim or a food assaulter yourself, or just find it hilarious.           

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