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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Week                   

            I am so excited for Halloween, it is my favorite holiday. Although I am between the age of trick-or-treating and having children to bring trick-or-treating, I still have a lot of fun on the day. I still dress up, go out with friends, as well as check out haunted houses. Also, there always seems to be a large amount of Halloween parties. A theme I have seen as wells as create at these parties is gory and scary treats. I used to make white chocolate covered truffles that look like eyeballs, scream puffs (cream puffs with ghost coming out),  and spider cupcakes. These type of treats aren’t just tasty, they usually set the mood for an eerie party. There are also those party people that like to set the creepy stage by having items that are purposely gross, such as disguising spaghetti as brains, grapes as eyeballs, and so on. Well, I recently came across the next step in creepy for the Halloween treats.

            So, when it comes to food I am usually open for adventure but these creepy recipes cross the line for me. The first recipe I found that would set the creepy Halloween theme is Bordeaux Grilled Rat, which is literally a grilled rat, eww. This strange recipe box also has creamed mice, coyote droppings recipe, as well as a tuna twinkie souffle. I also found some bug inspired recipes, such as banana worm bread, meal worm fried rice, and as far as rootworm beetle dip, check out the full bug list to try a recipe. So, for those who dare these recipes, let me know, because I am beyond interested in how they taste. I am not even sure how you find a rat besides in the streets... I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, and celebrate as mild or creepy as you like! 

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