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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blurb of the Week

            So Halloween is over but I couldn't help write one more piece. As you can tell, I love Halloween, but I promise, this is the last! I saw a lot of crazy costumes, people getting crazy in public, as well as pumpkin smashing. I have never participated in pumpkin smashing mainly because I would be pissed if someone smashed one of mine. I spend a lot of time on my pumpkin, and I figure others do as well. If I really do have an urge to smash, I can take it out on my own. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. Like most towns, there were a few pumpkin-smashing incidents in Southern Oregon. In Park City, Utah, someone threw a pumpkin at a car and busted their lights; although I find the story somewhat hilarious, once again, I would be pissed about my car as well as the pumpkin. Overall, reading the Utah’s Halloween police report made me realize the holiday is celebrated just as crazy everywhere with hilarious “shenanigans” happening. Read the full report here.

            Some people decided to turn pumpkin smashing into a positive light, which I think is a great idea. Obviously people love to smash, so why not make it available for them to do so, and it not involving any harm. In Fort St. John, BC, they had a target for people to drop pumpkins on them, allowing them to fall for twenty-five feet. Afterwards, the pumpkins will be used for compost for gardens. At Michigan State University, they smashed pumpkins to smash discrimination. I enjoy the creativity people come up with to turn a negative aspect into a learning experience that is full of fun and positivity.

            Also, this is just a cool video of pumpkins being smashed in slow motion. 

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