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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Early Resolution

            So recently at True Treats, we started to become healthier. We usually eat pretty well, but decided to kick our lifestyles up a notch or two. We started getting up at 6:30 am (which is early for us) and started running in the morning. In addition to our added workouts, we also did some cut backs in our daily eating routine. We began to focus on steaming or baking most of our food instead of cooking in oil or butter. Also, if we are going to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, we try to focus on wine, which has much lower calories than beer, although we do allow ourselves to enjoy on the weekend. With the change in our habits, we decided to research some healthy ideas. In our findings, we found this amazing article that helps with weight loss but also adds flavor to most meals.

            I don’t know about anyone else, but I enjoy food but don’t always know the benefit of what I am eating. I was glad to know that Chile peppers, which are in at least three meals a week, help boost metabolism. Now when people may complain about the spice level, I can tell them it helps them loose weight. Not only do the herbs we eat help us loss weight, it also increases our mood and health. Other herbs that help increase our health are saffron, parsley, sage, rosemary as well as ginger. I am a huge fan of making my food taste good, and it just seems to taste better when you know your food is also good for you. I hope this article helps you as much as it helps me, and to stay healthy. 

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