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Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Night Meals: Week 10

Pittsburgh Steelers VS. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Spareribs

(Traditionally done with wood chips, we created an alternate way with a propane BBQ).


1 rack of spareribs
1 c apple-cider vinegar
1 lemon
¼ c spice rub (we shared ours bellows)
2 c barbecue sauce


            Place the spareribs on a cutting board, trimming the excess fat around the ribs. Place on a deep dish or baking sheet. Add the apple cider vinegar and juice of the lemon on top. Make sure both sides are covered. Place into refrigerator for two hours, flip the ribs and allow to marinate an additional two hours.

            Meanwhile prepare your spice rub. We like to place equal portions of garlic powder, paprika, cinnamon, onion powder, chili powder, as well as smaller amounts of salt, pepper, cayenne and red pepper flakes. For the barbecue sauce, you can use you favorite kind, check out our Kansas City BBQ sauce recipe.

            When the ribs are finished with marinating, dump out the vinegar-lemon mixture, and pat dry the ribs. Place the rub on both sides of the ribs, making sure to cover and massage the rub into the meat. Allow this to sit for an additional thirty minutes. Place the barbecue on low heat, around 225 F. (As said before, they slow cook traditional over wood chips, so if you have access feel free to do so. Will cook in 2-3 hours). Place ribs over heat, allowing each side to be cooked slowly, flip often. With this method, the ribs will cook in about an hour and a half. You may cover them with sauce at the end of cooking, or traditionally serve the sauce on the side. Go Chiefs!



4 strips of bacon
1 large smoked sausage
½ yellow onion
1 head of green cabbage
6 T butter
16 oz. bag of whole-wheat egg noodles
Dollop of sour cream
Salt and pepper


            In a deep saucepan, heat on medium, when hot add the bacon. Cook bacon until lightly crisp, drain on a towel, cut into small chunks. Dice up the onion and cabbage; add to the pan, along with the butter cut into chunks. Stir the cabbage mixture often, allowing the onions to become clear and the cabbage wilts (about fifteen minutes).

            Meanwhile, bring a large pot to a boil, adding a sprinkling of salt. Add the noodles and cook until chewy, about seven minutes. Slice up the smoked sausage; add the sausage and bacon to the mixture. Add drain the noodles and add to the cabbage mixture. Add the sour cream, salt and pepper, stirring well until everything is heated and well mixed. Enjoy, Go Steelers!

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