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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Tip for Ya!

So, I just found out a little tip for burns. As a person who worked in a bakery as well as many kitchens, I have been burned by numerous items. To this day I still have scars on my arms, and although they may have a good story here and there, I wish they didn't have them. Plus, they just freakin hurt!

So there I was at work, receiving another chain mail that I was getting ready to delete but it was about burns so I thought I would check it out. NOW, I must admit I have yet to try this, so I am putting it out there for anyone to try.

Flour. That is all, just little old flour. Keep some flour in the refrigerator, and next time any burns occurs place the flour on it for about ten minutes. It said to not run the burn under any water, and claimed that it even worked on burned tongues. Try it, I will too, although hopefully none of us gets burned any time soon.

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