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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blurb of the Week

Blurb No. 4                                                                  

          As I mentioned before, fall is almost here. That often brings us festivals such as harvest, Halloween and Oktoberfest. I often here many people either not knowing about festivals or not attending them, which I view almost as a crime. These types of festivals are a great way to hang out in the community, and try new things. Some things at our local festival are hilarious, such as grape stomping or a pie eating contest; it makes me realize what a small community it really is, since it looks like a country scene out of a movie. At larger festivals held, such as the Oregon Beer Festival in Portland, they focus on beer and music and on the river front. Florida has a festival based on Pirates, Water Sports in New York, or in Indiana they have a festival based around Johnny Apple seed. It really is a matter of what is available in your community, and is up to you to seek out these fun activities.

             I recommend everyone to check out harvest festivals in your community, or perhaps traveling out to one. I think these festivals can open your eyes to new parts of the community, other fun events, new people and do things out of the ordinary such as watch a tractor pull, a yodeling contest or drink some local made beer. Check this list of festivals in the United States this fall, or just in the mood for beer, check these out.

If you are in the Southern Oregon region, I recommend the Harvest Festival this weekend. This Sunday we will be pouring at the beer and wine festival, as well as attending (sampling) as well. Come check it out, and let me know about your favorite fall festivals as well! 

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