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Friday, September 23, 2011

Scream for Ice Cream!

Happy Belated Ice Cream Cone day!

           Yesterday, in 1903 the ice cream cone was invented. Although it is officially fall, it is still warm enough to enjoy your favorite ice cream. Even if you don’t allow yourself to have ice cream or enjoy it, I think once a year someone should have one, at least a little one. Ice cream is just one of those things that remind you of being a child, and seem to flashback happy times. Whenever I eat ice cream, I think of summer at my grandma’s house with my cousins, eating ice cream in the hot tub, and having our dog, Tubbs, always trying to sneak a lick. Who doesn’t want to eat things that make us happy, but as with all good things, we must remember not to eat too much!

            One way to cut back on the ice cream is to eat a healthier version. Frozen yogurt is a great way to enjoy ice cream without as much fat, even try a simple flavor and add fresh berries to the mix. Another great alternative is trying rice cream or tofu ice cream, I swear they are delicious. I used to be vegan, and would constantly eat these tofu ice cream sandwiches, called tofutti’s. I no longer eat a lot of my old vegan diet, but I have to admit I still love these sandwiches, especially the mint. A fast alternative to a healthy choice is just taking yogurt and placing it in the freezer, and you can add anything to it to make it a tasty treat.

            If trying to have healthy alternatives doesn’t work, you can always try these weird choices, and they could possibly be put off of ice cream forever, or perhaps find a new favorite flavor. There are some popular flavors in Japan that I would call interesting, such as fish, squid, and octopus flavored, and there seems to be a seafood pattern, I really can’t find a ice cream that isn’t made from the sea (shrimp, whale, eel, etc.). There is also chicken wing ice cream, which I think I would love to try, maybe with a sweetened hot wing sauce. I think curiosity always gets to me when it comes crazy flavors; I just have to try them. There is also deep-sea water ice cream, and honestly, with some caramel, I think it has delicious potential. Lastly, my personal favorite, the natural Viagra ice cream, actual flavored not mentioned. It makes me wonder what it is made of and how popular it is. Still interested, check out the full list.

            Make some delicious ice cream of your own.

Simple Ice Cream (No ice cream maker)


1/2 cup of honey
2 1/2 cups of cream
1 t vanilla


             Whip 1 ½ cups of whipping cream and vanilla together until it forms stiff peaks. Place into the refrigerator

            Heat honey on low heat. When the honey is warm and runny, add the other cup of cream. Stir together until well blended.

            Fold the honey mixture into the whipped cream. Whisk until well blended.  Freeze around six hours until the mixture is the consistency of ice cream. Serve with berries or granola, enjoy.

            Have a great weekend, we’ll see you on Sunday!

                        Darren and Shannon @ True Treats

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