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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blurb of the Week

Blurb No. 5

            Fast food, what can I say about. Every body knows that penalty of eating it, most of it has no nutritional value, extremely high in calories and fat, as well as that most of it is fried. It seems as though some fast food places are realizing people are trying to go healthy by making whole wheat buns or turkey burgers, but overall there still isn’t that much change. In fact, some places just keep coming up with crazier combos that I just can’t fathom. I recently came across a website called fast food fever. This site is nonetheless scary, and can’t help to think what Jamie Oliver would say about it. This site is a collection of fast food combinations, claiming it is “for people looking for a little more from fast food”. Some are interesting, such as the pumpkin apple pie which is combining the two types of pies from McDonalds. Some aren’t that crazy, such as the Fry Dog, which has French-fries placed on top of your burger. Some are scary, such as the triple threat, combing a big Mac, a whopper, and a classic from Wendy’s. Not only is that heart-stopping but I can’t imagine trying to wrap my mouth around it.

            I suggest when needing dinner in a hurry, stopping by a deli for some fresh sandwiches and soup, or even a noodle company is a better suggestion. And for those that need a new food adventure, instead of combining fast food sandwiches, be brave at a sushi restaurant. Blow fish anyone? 

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