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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blurb of the Week

Blurb No. 6                                                         

                        So, I have been asked how I come up with some of my cooking ideas, and honestly, I had a lot of methods. For instance, before I even started writing this blog, I had a large list of creations I wanted to investigate and create. Also, I use a lot of articles I found online, such as with the Huffington Post or Oregon Live. These articles keep me up to date with food news and often I find entertainment as well.

                        Well, while I was reading news and looking for new food articles, I came across one of my favorite music sensations. Although Coolio was one of my favorite musicians when I was eleven, I always remember some of his classic songs. If anyone has ever had the lucky chance to go karaoking with me has got to hear my version of Gangsta’s Paradise. Coolio had a cooking show that is still available on YouTube where he claims to be a ghetto-witch-doctor-superstar chef. I have heard about it, but just began watching the amazing cooking style of this rapper. The videos are around three years old, but are still hilarious. I really couldn’t find a recipe that I would recommend anyone to try, his knife skills are nothing less than scary, and am just not sure why he thought he would go the cooking route. So, if you have a few minutes to spare, check it out. It will make you feel like a professional in the kitchen, and can provide kitchen entertainment as well. And as Coolio would say, Shaka Zulu. 

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