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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday Night Meals

Week 4                                                                                

After hours of modifying our video we couldn't escape our "ghost". Our audio may seem weird but after tired-less hours, this is what we got, I hope you all enjoy. We are working on obtaining a better programming, and will ensure excellent videos are to come!

NFL Recipes

  This week was full of competition, including a sandwich taste-off. We found that both teams and cities were famous for a pulled-pork sandwich, so we thought we would try both, and see whose reigned supreme.

Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich

Serves 2-4


1 lb pork roast
2 T Butter
¼ onion (white)
¾ c white vinegar
¾ c ketchup
1 t Worcestershire sauce
¼ c sugar
2 T Pure Maple Syrup
1 t paprika
½ t cayenne
½ t hot sauce (optional)
salt and pepper
2-4 slices of cheddar cheese (optional)

Hoagie Rolls


            In the morning, place the pork in a crock-pot with enough water to cover it. Allow the pork to cook on low throughout the day; it will be done when it is tender enough to pull apart by hand. Allow to cool, and pull pork apart.

            In a mixing bowl, add the butter, melted. Mix in the chopped onion, vinegar, Worcestershire, sugar, maple syrup, paprika, cayenne and hot sauce. Mix well, and add salt and pepper to taste
            Turn a saucepan on medium heat, and put the sauce and pork in the pan. Allow the pork to heat up, and sauce thickens. The sauce will begin to stick to the pork, about 5-7 minutes.

            Meanwhile, toast the hoagies in oven at 350. Place the BBQ pork on top, and cheddar cheese if needed. Place sandwich in oven for a few minutes, just enough to melt cheese. Enjoy! GO Colts (even without Manning)!

Cuban Sandwiches

Serves 2-4


1 lb pork roast
1 lime
½ c orange juice
4 cloves garlic
2 t oregano
salt and pepper
1 t bay leaves
1/3 lb sliced ham
1/3 lb salami
1/3 lb sliced Swiss cheese
sliced dill pickles
yellow mustard

Hoagie rolls


            In the morning, place pork in a slow cooker. Pour enough water to cover, and cook on low. When pork is tender enough to pull apart, allow to cook. Then shred pork into thin strips.

            In a food processor, juice the lime. Add the garlic cloves, ¼ c of orange juice, oregano, and salt and pepper. Blend until well incorporated, about 45 seconds. Place the shredded pork into a saucepan, with the lime garlic mixture. Place heat to medium, and allow to sizzle. Add the remaining orange juice, and allow the pork to absorb the mixture.

            Set aside the pork in a bowl. In the same saucepan, heat up the salami and ham until both sides begin to brown.
            Meanwhile, place oven at 350. Toast the hoagies in the oven. Cover the top of the sandwich with the yellow mustard. Add the pork on the bottom layer, then ham, salami, and Swiss cheese. Place back into oven and allow the cheese to melt. Finish off with a pickle on top of cheese. Enjoy the meaty goodness. Go Buccaneers, Arg!

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