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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blurb of the Week

Blurb No. 7                                     

            Everyone has their favorite foods, but who loves them enough to smell like them? I found a compiled list of food-scented perfume and colognes that just make me wonder who would dare to wear them. I remember back in the day when I would get off work in the bakery and reek of bread, butter and sugar; it would amaze me how these scents would cling to me all day. Now it makes me wonder when I am in public and I smell someone reeking of food if they work in a restaurant or they are wearing these amazing colognes. Also, it makes me wonder why someone would pay to smell like food?

            For instance, one scent was made by Burger King, called Flame, which has a scent of the famous flame-broiled burger. There is also Stilton blue cheese perfume, and feel if you are going this route, you should wear both the burger and cheese, because together they taste delicious. Go bold or go home, right. Also, if you want to get fancy, there is even a lobster perfume, with a tab of butter on the side. To see the full list of odd perfumes, check it out. Overall, I think I should stick with my usual perfumes, made of flowers and herbs. Hopefully this can bring up some fun conversations, I am sure on the hunt to find someone wearing these scents! Let me know if you know someone or you do yourself!

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