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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beer of the Month: Green Tea IPA

I know we talk of eating healthy, but we also have our luxuries. A danish for breakfast, cake for dessert or a beer with dinner seems to lighten the mood and is a reward for our good behavior. For instance, my friends and I attempted cross-country skiing last weekend, and after falling, laughing, and learning the sport, we treated ourselves to some beers. Let me tell you, cold and bleeding, these beers were delicious and lifted our spirits. This got me thinking, beer has to have some redeeming qualities. Something that can change your day, such as chocolate, has its benefits, so I decided to do some searching.

Turns out, I found TEN redeeming qualities, backed by medical research even! The list includes stronger bones (good for the outdoors people), boosting brain health, and even making your lifespan longer. A lot of the time it is simply from the relaxing effect that lets the stress of the day escape. This excited me, of course the list benefits the moderate drinker, so don't go binge drinking thinking you are going to wake up a genius! Check out the full article to see how and why beer has its benefits, you can chat about it at your next happy hour.

We decided at True Treats that we would seek out some beers that have even more redeeming qualities. And thus began our Beer of the Month campaign! The beer for February is a collaboration by Stone/Baird/Ishii, called the Japanese Green Tea IPA. This beer has an alcohol volume at 9.2%, has great ratings, and infused with green tea. There are many amazing health benefits from green tea. You can learn about some of them by clicking this link: Green Tea. Also, it is served as a fund-raiser beer, all proceeds go to the Japanese tsunami relief victims. So many bonus points in one beer. Try the beer, tells us what you think, and let us know what the next beer of the month should be!


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