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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Taco Violence

Tacos. I have said it before, but I will say it again, I love tacos. I could eat a taco every day and not get tired, there are so many varieties. I have also been known to crave tacos after I have had a drink or two. I can recall many nights my friends and I swinging by a taco bell on our walk home, or a local favorite Muchas Gracias, which is a 24 hour homemade Mexican restaurant. I have also been known to get a little crazy when I have a few drinks in me, such as climbing a tree downtown. I feel like the need for delicious foods or acts of craziness happens with a dose of alcohol, but I have never combined the two events. Recently I have discovered some people do, especially with tacos.

Some of these stories I came across are just stupid. One story consist of an annoying teenage boy who got pissed at his mom for turning off his video game, so in retaliation he threw tacos at her (and better yet, she got him arrested for it). Unbelievable. Another instance was at a Taco Bell, where a man became outraged at the cost of his burritos (really, at taco bell?) and shot an air-soft gun, which ended in shooting at a police, and now he is charged with two felony counts of aggregated assault. My favorite part, the man was there last week. Lastly, my favorite story consisted of newlyweds, with the wife pouring soda on her husbands tacos, and ended with her stabbing them. Check out the entire list of 30 taco related crimes, entirely hilarious!

All I can think of is what a waste of tacos. Enjoy the stories, eat tacos responsibly, and email any crazy news you may have.

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